Buying Beef in El Paso


From backyard cookouts to fancy first dates, beef has become a staple in our everyday lives. That being said, you want only the best and highest quality meat. At Quintero’s Meat Company, we pride ourselves on selling the most delicious meat possible, including beef and steak products.

Our Beef Products

At Quintero’s Meat Company, we sell the beef cuts used for brisket, ribs, and beef stew. We also sell other specialty beef items, like beef tripe, ox feet, cheek meat, oxlips, and liver meat. Our beef products are versatile, high quality, and delicious.


In addition to our other beef products, we also sell a variety of steak cuts, including loin, rib, and round cuts. Our loin cuts include filet mignon, New York, porterhouse, and t-bone steaks. For the rib cuts, our products include bone-in ribs and ribeye steaks. Lastly, our round cuts include bottom round, sirloin and sirloin tip, and top round steaks. We also carry seven and chuck steaks, short ribs, flanken ribs, and more!

Beef Cuts

We use meat from virtually every part of the cow. The cow can be divided into 12 cuts. The first cut, or the chuck, is the top part of the cow’s shoulder. The chuck meat is used for chuck steaks and shoulder clods. Right below the chuck on the lower part of the shoulder is the cut used for brisket. This cut is perfect for pulled meat because it can be easily pulled apart and shredded. The next two cuts are the rib and plate cut. The rib cut is perfect for beef ribs and ribeye steak, while the plate cut is one of the many parts ideal for fajita meat.  

Toward the end of the torso are the loin, sirloin, tenderloin, and flank cuts. From these cuts, you have the filet mignon, sirloin, and porterhouse steaks. The round cut, which encompasses the rump of the cow, includes round cuts and sirloin tip steaks.

We also use the stomach lining of the cow to make tripe, the feet to make patas de rez, and the head of the cow for cachete and labio.

Beef Preparation Tips

Like we’ve said, beef meat is versatile and there are endless ways you can prepare it. Some tips include:

  • Thaw the meat in the refrigerator or by heating it up in the microwave on a lower setting. However, don’t leave it on the counter to defrost. This can cause it to go bad and make you sick.
  • Stay clean by washing your hands before and after you prepare raw meat and by thoroughly washing your cutting board.
  • Keep raw and cooked meats separate. Also keep raw meat away from raw fruits and vegetables when preparing it.
  • It’s a common misconception that salting meat beforehand will give it extra flavor. In reality, it’ll absorb a lot of the juices, making your meat drier and less tender. Try salting the meat a bit after it’s been cooked for extra flavor without taking away any of the natural juices.
  • When grilling or cooking meat, flip it with a spatula or tongs. Flipping it with a fork will cause it to lose its juices as well.
  • Add in a rub or marinade for extra flavor.

Beef is delicious and can be prepared to perfection. These tips combined with the delicious meat we sell at our store can make a tasty meal. If you’re in the market for some tasty beef or steak, we’ve got what you’re looking for at Quintero’s Meat Company. Call or visit us today!