Meat Cutting at Quinteros Meat Company

At Quinteros Meat Company, meat is our specialty. From preparing it to cutting it, we have years of training and experience that have given us the knowledge to handle meat the best way possible. We sell meat in a variety of ways including for service, retail, and ready to eat hot plates.

Service vs. Retail Cuts

Meat CuttingThe way we cut our meat depends on who we are serving it to. While we serve both the service and retail industries, the way we cut the meat differs between the two. For the service industry–which includes restaurants and stores–we measure the size of the cut in ounces. For example, if you visit a restaurant, you usually see steaks available in ounces, such as a 10-ounce ribeye or an eight-ounce filet. If you work in a restaurant, we’ll cut your meat based on your menu specifications.

We understand that cutting meat this way is important for many reasons. While the everyday barbecuer may not be thinking about ROI or monthly income, restaurant owners do, and by buying your meat cut by the ounce–rather than buying it whole and estimating you’ll have what you need in terms of budget–can help you stay on track more accurately.

For the retail industry, we sell our meat by thickness. Let’s say you stop by our store for some meat to grill for a barbecue. You could buy the meat based on how thick you want it. So if you want thick-cut steaks for a barbecue or thinly sliced meat for a fancy meal, we’ve got you covered. When you come in for the purchase, we’ll cut the meat right then and there, guaranteeing its freshness and confirming that you are getting what you’re paying for.

At Quinteros Meat Company, we serve all of our beef and pork fresh and we cut based on your needs. Our meat is also USDA approved and we make sure to take the necessary steps to ensure the food is safe to eat and free from contaminants. One way we do this is by keeping our red meat separate from our poultry, which ensures we avoid cross contamination. Overall, we follow the highest standards when handling our products.

Poultry at Quinteros Meat Company

We sell all of our poultry products, including both chicken and turkey, frozen. This is because cutting red meat and poultry at the same place and using the same tools–even when washed–is means for cross contamination, which can result in unwanted bacteria. While our poultry is sold frozen, it is still delicious, USDA approved, and makes for the perfect meal.

Why Choose Quinteros Meat Company?

At Quinteros Meat Company, we are fourth generation meat cutters. We were raised learning all about meat, from cutting techniques to serving it safely. Because of this, we’re the best in the business and are happy to serve you. Call or stop by today!