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Out of all the meats in the world, no meat is consumed more than pork. Pork products include ham, bacon, and sausage. At Quinteros Meat Company, we sell a variety of high-quality meat products including pork. Our pork meat is delicious and can be served in all kinds of tasty dishes.

Facts About Pork

PorkPork is meat that comes from pigs and is highly popular in Asia, particularly eastern and southeastern countries. It’s also popular in western civilization. Despite being banned for consumption by Jewish and Muslim religions, it’s still eaten more than any other meat in the world.

Preparing Pork

The great thing about pork is that it can be prepared in a number of ways. It can be fried, boiled, marinated, and made into a piccata. Some of our favorite recipes we’ve seen include pork tenderloin mango pitas, made with cilantro, cabbage, and carrots, and grilling pork chops. Pork is also good for many Mexican foods. It’s often used to make pork carnitas, pork adobado, and pork tacos.

Pork Cuts

Each cut of the pig makes a different meat. In many countries, every part of the pig is used for meat. The shoulders of the pig include the Boston butt, which is often used for pulled pork at barbecue restaurants, and the picnic shoulder, which can be used for higher quality pulled pork, contains less fat and takes longer to cook than the Boston butt.

The torso of the pig includes the loin and bacon. The meat from the loin section, which is the top of the pig’s back, above the pelvic and rib bones, is often used for beef tenderloin cuts and the meat below it is used for ribs. The bacon, which comes from the underside of the pig, is used to make, of course, the infamous bacon strip.

Ham meat from the rear of the pig is used for everything from sandwich meat to Christmas dinner hams. The legs, head, and ears of the big can all be used in foods as well and we also sell patas de puerco (pork feet) and buche (pork stomach), which can be used to prepare many classic Mexican dishes. All in all, pork is a versatile meat that can be enjoyed in more ways than one. 

The Health Benefits of Pork

Pork has a lot of health benefits. It’s rich in iron, magnesium, vitamins B12 and B6 and in protein. On top of the health benefits, pork is also just a delicious meat choice that can be enjoyed in many dishes.

Quinteros Meat Company in El Paso

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